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By Many Hands is...

  • DETAILS: celebrating time honored handcrafted traditional knitting, crochet and embroidery techniques that just can't be replicated with mass production
  • INDIVIDUAL DESIGNS: carefully curated designs and colors that you won't find elsewhere on the market
  • FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: each piece made helps empower female Nepali artisans with income and a voice
  • SMALL BATCH: Small batch that is handmade requires less environmental resources
  • GROUNDED PRICING - by using wool and avoiding the most expensive fibers, this level of luxurious knitting and embroidery can be enjoyed by most everyone
  • JOY: What we hope our line brings to you

behind the stitch

Using learned knitting skills from childhood, the knitters, all female, are able to earn income in their spare time, between caring for their family. If it was a full-time job, the knitters would not be able to take on work as their family needs come first. By earning income, the women also earn a stronger voice in their household.

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curated color palette

Our process

From mood boards to artwork made in the USA, to Nepali artisan samples and feedback, the final product requires is the result of teamwork and many steps!

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