How It's Made

Flora Sage Mittens With Handmade Lokta Paper
Flora Sage Mittens With Handmade Lokta Paper

Artwork - Mood Board

All of our designs are created in the USA and start with inspiration and mood boards from amazing artists that we have teamed up with. (This is how our Sugar & Spice design started)!

Original Mood Board For Sugar & Spice


After we see the mood boards, certain designs are chosen and the final colors are chosen to be sent over to Nepal. (This is what our original artwork looked like for Lottie).


US & Nepali Artisans Work Together

As samples are made, Nepali artisans provide feedback on the design and help us change it to something that works best for everyone. (Here is our Flora design that has been changed several times)!

Flora Lavender Original Feedback
Hand Dyed Yarn

Nepali Artisans

Hand-Dyeing Yarn

Once the samples have been approved, the dyeing for production begins! Our Nepali artisans import wool from New Zealand and then hand-dye it to match the requested colors for the season using azo free dyes.

Nepali Artisans


Different knitting stitches are experimented with and used for the current season's designs. It is fun to learn how different stitches affect fit, look and feel!

Color Block Charcoal Knitting
Color Block Sand Embroidery

Nepali Artisans

Hand Embroidery

After being knitted, many pieces are passed to another set of hands, where unique details and designs are added by embroidery.

Nepali Artisans

Finishing Touches

After the pieces have been knitted, they receive a fleece lining to provide extra warmth and help eliminate itching. Tags and labels are added as well before they are packed up and send to our facility in Massachusetts!

packing up goods in Nepal