Slow Fashion

Made With Love By Hand

We empower artisans from around the world through fair trade partnerships to create thoughtfully designed, functional, handmade accessories that inspire joy for our customers.


Our handmade pieces have been thoughtfully designed, and handmade with love.


We believe that joy is something that should be sought after every day by everyone. We aim to provide products that inspire joy in both their visual and physical appeal, along with the story of how they are made.


We believe in creating pieces that are practical and functional with a visual twist. We aim to bring a sense of calm to our customers with desirable color palettes and designs and through our reliable products and practices.

Color Block Charcoal Knitting


We have sought out partnerships with artisans based on fair trade principles and practices and look for opportunities to use sustainable products when possible. We work to provide year round opportunities to the artisans that we partner with. We believe in philanthropy and giving back.


We believe that everyone has a desire to feel more connected to the world we live in. Our goal is to create products that evoke that feeling with joyful handmade pieces. We believe that the story behind the products will help people feel connected to artisans from a different part of the globe.